l&t finance customer care number

l&t finance customer care number

How can you talk to LNT Finance Customer Care and how to get their number? So friends, if you have taken a loan in LNT Finance and face any problem related to the loan like knowing your loan account number or your loan number. Want to know details or need any information regarding loan from LNT Finance? You can get information related to loan by calling your customer care.

We are going to talk about LNT Finance, you must know that L&T Finance is a very big finance company which provides you loan, friends, if you do not have any income proof and you want to take a loan then you should go to LNT Finance. Finance is a must try because this is a financier who claims that I give you loan without income proof.

Rate of interest

If we talk about LNT Finance, then here you will get it, you will not have to run anywhere for the loan, you will apply for the loan sitting at home and you will get your money immediately. LNT Finance offers you loans ranging from ₹50000 to ₹7 lakh, which you can avail from the comfort of your home. You can apply for it sitting at home, if we talk about LNT Finance then its interest here is much cheaper than the market.


Here it is a completely digital process and this company claims that we can give you loan even without income proof. If you do, then friends, if you also want to take a loan then you must visit LNT Finance.

We have given you the link of LNT Finance, from here you will get the options to apply for personal loan, all the types of loans that LNT Finance provides will be shown to you here, there is one loan which is micro.

If women have small needs, if they want to start a startup, they can take micro loan from here, this is also a very good initiative run by LNT Finance, so this micro you can take this loan every One can apply, which friends consumer loose, basically you will click on No More .

loan amount

Here L&T Finance offers you loan ranging from ₹ 50000 to ₹ 700000, if we talk about the interest rate then it is 11%. Sin interest rate starts very good guys if you compare with any other company then dis title process will be mains you don’t need to go anywhere.

In this fast social mains you will get instant money in your account and here friends have loan etc salary is still you can get it and if you are self employed still you can get it here.

Eligibility for loan

No income proof document is required. Mains you do not have to give any document without any document. You have to give loan here, so here friends everything has been told to you if you are an Indian citizen.

And you have valid proof. Further your minimum age should be 23 years and maximum should be 57 years. You can easily apply for the loan from here. LNT Finance Loan also has charges which you should understand.

processing fee

If we talk about processing fees, then up to two percent of your loan amount is taken for processing, there are also charges for LNT finance loan,


If you want to close the loan early then 5% will be charged on your principal amount whatever your outstanding amount and here friends the annual maintenance charge is absolutely free for you

What is the charge here and also friends, here you have been told in which tax of Rs 2500 and Rs 500 will be charged, here how much will be charged from you, we have discussed about the charge of L&T Finance,  There is also a payment EMI calculator here, so that you can Can calculate your EMI, for example if I want a loan of ₹ 1 lakh then pay here, I will commit ₹ 1, that’s all the interest here,

Pay  Take 11% more, if I have it now it has to be repaid within two years so here I select 24 months and after that friends our monthly EMI will be visible can be calculated here, calculate your EMI Do it very easily. Now you can understand how to apply for loan in LNT. Here you are being shown the apply line button.

l&t finance customer care number

If you know the account number or you can know the details of your loan or get any information about the loan from L Finance, you can call the customer care for information related to it.

Talk to customer care?

L NT Finance customer care number is written here for you go to Google on your phone and search L NT Finance customer care number is written here you can search I am here and here is your contact here and ltps.com That is, I am on the official website of LNT Finance.com, so I click on our link here.

Click here also Friends, after opening the official website of L NT Finance, if you do a little bit of the above then here you will get a little bit and here the Pro customer contact number is available, you have to click here.

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Registered Office

L&T Finance Holdings Limited
Brindavan, Plot no. 177,CST Road, Kalina, Santacruz (East), Mumbai – 400 098, Maharashtra, India

+91 22 6212 5000

L&T Finance Holdings Limited 6th Floor, Brindavan, Plot No. 177, C.S.T Road, Kalina, Santacruz (East), Mumbai – 400 098, Maharashtra, India

+91 22 6212 5000 igrc@ltfs.com

Investor Relations

Mr. Karthik Narayanan

L&T Finance Holdings Limited 8th Floor, Brindavan, Plot No. 177, C.S.T Road, Kalina, Santacruz (East), Mumbai – 400 098, Maharashtra, India+91 22 6212 5000    karthiknarayanan@ltfs.com

Media Contact

Ms. Neelasri Barman

L&T Finance, 6th Floor, Brindavan, Plot No. 177, C.S.T Road, Kalina, Santacruz (East), Mumbai – 400 098, Maharashtra, India


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